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Untold Stories in the Strip clubs

It is hard to know what goes down in strip clubs unless you’re a regular visitor. But, unfortunately, everything to know about strippers is here for your consumption.

Lit up a cigarette using a match from her Vagina

Imagine a stripper holding a match in her pussy, lit it using another match—lit  the cigarette with the match in her pussy. That is strange, I guess.

 Squirting Breast milk in a guy’s face

Imagine you and your friend were in one location, and he was actively scouted by one dancer who appeared to be a little older but had some excellent and athletic routines on stage. So your friend ultimately caves in and goes to receive a lap dance from her in a more private setting.

When he returns with her, he has a look in his eyes that screams he’s gone through some strange crap. She tries to persuade you to take one, but you refuse. Finally, the woman walks away, and your friend tells you that she grabbed her nipple and squirted breast milk in his face while giving him the lap dance.

Those are the type of things you should expect and cannot be exempted from everything to know about strippers. More information here.