The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence industry is still in diapers, and most of the world remains unaware of the potential that it has to offer. The future for Artificial Intelligence looks bright – according to a study by Gartner, Artificial Intelligence will drive $3.9 trillion worth of global economic growth. The top three industries that are predicted to see significant benefits from Artificial Intelligence are health care & social assistance, retail & wholesale trade, and manufacturing.

1) Artificial Intelligence predicts natural disasters before they happen
2) Diagnosis of diseases is getting better with Artificial Intelligence
3) We rely on artificial intelligence every time we search for something using Google

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will be a major player in our lives, as it takes over the tasks we currently do ourselves. It is already being used to predict earthquakes, diagnose diseases and help us find what we are looking for online. Artificial intelligence news changes how things happen daily, which means that you need to start thinking about how AI might impact your industry now.