Salesforce GitHub: Thing To Know

Salesforce has just announced salesforce GitHub, a tool that makes it easier for salesforce developers to collaborate with each other. The salesforce GitHub will allow developers to share code snippets, test changes locally before making them live, and more. Read this post to find out what it is all about!

How does it work?

Salesforce GitHub simplifies the process of collaborating on salesforce projects by allowing teams within an org or across multiple orgs to work together in real-time. This salesforce tool specifically focuses on salesforce developers, so it works best with teams who already use Git.

What are their feature highlights?

Salesforce GitHub will allow Salesforce users to share code snippets and test changes locally before pulling them live in production. Another remarkable aspect of this sales force collaboration tool is that you can sync your local data directory.

What are some possible uses for this tool?

Some examples of how salesforce GitHub could benefit your business include: merging pull requests, comparing diffs, deploying to sandboxes, and creating branches.

Salesforce GitHub is an incredible collaboration tool to get your sales team working together.