Eyelash Magnets: How They Work

Eyelash Magnets are a new beauty product that provides the convenience of not having to use mascara. Eyelashes can be made longer and thicker without any hassle or mess. Eyelash Magnets work by attaching themselves to your lash line and then applying pressure to elongate and thicken them. Eyelashes will continue to grow for up to 8 weeks before they need more magnets!

How are they used?

These magnets are used by simply gluing them to your lash line. They are attached by using an adhesive that is safe to use on the skin. Then, the magnets will automatically attach themselves to your lashes when you blink!

How long do they last?

Eyelashes with magnets can grow up to eight weeks before needing replacement magnets. However, they can be reused.

Where can they be used?

These are ideal for women who want to wear mascara less often. They will naturally enhance your lashes and make it appear as though you’re wearing mascara all the time!

These magnets are a great way to enhance your lashes and feel as though you’re wearing mascara all the time. They also allow women to go without makeup for longer periods of time, which is always nice!