Your Checklist for a Great Bucks Party

When you’re asked to plan the bucks party before a friend’s wedding, make it one to remember. So, defy convention and create your tale!

Bucks parties sometimes make the news for all the wrong reasons, so here are some suggestions that will tick all the boxes and get everyone home in time for the big event.

  • Have a word with the groom on what he prefers—style, theme, etc. Outsource the planning to event companies; ensure they specialize in buck parties. Talk to them first before going ahead.


  • Set the date. Some few weeks before the day, preferable on a weekend


  • Do not  throw a party the night before the wedding


  • Have a budget. Go for what’s affordable.


  • Never assume that everyone will be pleased to chip in for unlimited drinks. Bills may rapidly mount up, and no one likes to spend more.