Yoga Burn Review – 3 Negative Fitness Reviews

Yoga Burn is a workout DVD with three DVDs that are designed to give you all the yoga training you need. One of the most popular yoga workouts on the market, it has over 8 million customers and thousands of reviews. Unfortunately, not all reviews are positive. We’ve compiled 3 yoga burn negative reviews for your consideration here in this article.

The first review comes from one customer who found Yoga Burn too difficult to follow because they were given little direction or guidance about what poses they should be doing next after completing each sequence of exercises. They also stated that they felt like their body was being pushed too hard and needed more time between yoga sessions than recommended by Yoga Burn trainers so they could recover from injuries sustained during class before going back.

The second yoga burn negative review comes from one customer who said that the workouts were just too hard for them to do, especially since they did not have previous yoga experience. They further said that while some of the routines could be followed with no prior yoga knowledge, others required a great deal of flexibility, which was difficult for them to achieve.

The final yoga burn negative review comes from a customer who said that the yoga workouts were not intense enough for them and needed something more advanced. They further said that while this might be good if you are new to yoga, it was definitely not challenging for someone with experience doing yoga or even yoga workouts.

In conclusion, yoga burn workouts received quite a few negative yoga reviews. Some people didn’t like the lack of intensity, while others were disappointed by their inability to follow some routines due to not having previous yoga experience or yoga knowledge.