Where To Find The Best Glitter Suppliers In Australia

If you’re looking for the best glitter suppliers Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Glitter is a popular crafting supply, and people of all ages use it. Whether you’re a teacher looking for classroom supplies or a crafter looking for new ideas, glitter is a great option! Luckily, Australia is home to many glitter suppliers who offer a wide range of glitter products.

What should I know about this?

One of the most well-known suppliers in Australia is The Glitter Factory. They offer numerous glitter products, including bulk glitter, mixes, biodegradable glitter, and more. Their glitter is vegan-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for both children and adults. Another great option is Glitter Love Australia — they provide premium quality glitter at affordable prices. You’ll find everything you need, from holographic glitter mixes to fine glitter dust for crafts.

For those looking for a unique selection of glitters, Crafty Planet is worth considering. This Australian-based glitter supplier offers various sizes and colors, making it perfect for crafting projects. They also provide glitter kits with a range of glitter styles and shapes — ideal for those who want to explore the world of glitter art.

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