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What You Need To Know About – Bath Salts Australia

Bath salts australia: What are bath salts? Bath salts are bath products that consist of ingredients such as Epsom salt, baking soda, and dried herbs. They dissolve in the water to create an aromatic bath with therapeutic benefits. They can be used for relaxation or to relieve aches and pains.

– The first thing to know about bath salts is that they can come in many different forms: flakes, pellets, grains, and crystals.

– Second of all, there are two types of bath salts: therapeutic grade and cosmetic grade. Therapeutic grades have higher magnesium concentrations (up to 30%), while cosmetic bath salts are usually made up of sodium chloride.

– Finally, bath salt Australia can be used for a variety of reasons! It is great to detox the body, relax muscles and ease aches after an intense workout session, or even treat yourself with the bubbly bath water that will make you feel like royalty.