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What Is Verbatim Court Reporting?

If you are in the legal profession or are interested in becoming a court reporter, then you have probably heard of the term “verbatim.” But what does it mean? Verbatim court reporting is a type of stenography that records every word spoken in a courtroom. This type of reporting is often used in trials and other legal proceedings to ensure an accurate record of what was said.

What should I know about this?

The verbatim reporter will take the verbatim record of the proceedings and transcribe it onto a paper or digital document. The verbatim record must be accurate so that either side can quickly identify any discrepancies in the verbatim record in a dispute.

The reporter is responsible for ensuring all statements are recorded accurately and ensuring that any objections made by attorneys regarding evidence or testimony are included in the verbatim transcript. Stenography machines used for verbatim court reporting have significantly improved over time, and many now offer features such as automatic capitalization, auto-correcting errors, and other helpful shortcuts.

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