What Is The Outsystems ODATA Connector?

OData (Open Data Protocol) is a standardized protocol for exchanging data between applications and organizations. The ODATA Connector allows you to connect to any ODATA source, making it easy to get the data you need into OutSystems. In this article, we will discuss the outsystems odata connector and how you can get your data into OutSystems. Stay tuned!

Some benefits of using the ODATA Connector include:
– Easily connect to external data sources without additional coding
– Create reusable connections for multiple applications
– Utilize real-time data in your OutSystems applications

To use the ODATA Connector, go to the Integration tab in Service Studio and select ODATA. You can configure your connection and start retrieving data from your external sources. Many companies use the ODATA Connector to connect to their CRM or ERP systems, bringing in customer and product information for use in OutSystems applications.

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