What Is An Oil Condition Monitoring System?

An oil condition monitoring system is a machine that measures oil viscosity and oil pressure. It includes an oil pump, which feeds an oil line through the machine, passing by a sensor. Oil flow is measured and recorded at periodic intervals on the sensor to ensure the oil never loses its ability to lubricate machinery or run cars.

Why is an oil condition monitoring system important for your business?

They are important because they can help avoid expensive repairs or, even worse, engine failure.

What does an oil condition monitoring system measure?

Oil conditions are monitored at periodic intervals through sensors that send such information back up through a wire into your car’s computer system, letting them record and track all of the oil’s processes.

Knowing how oil condition monitoring systems work is important. The oil pump sends oil through the oil line, and a sensor measures the oil flow rate (this can be expressed as gallons per minute). This way, an operator knows if they need to add more oil or change out the oil filters for their machines.


Oil condition monitoring systems are the oil industry’s most efficient way to measure oil conditions. They help reduce downtime, as well as ensure that oil is in absolutely perfect working order.