What Are Polarized Sunglasses And How Do They Work?

Sunglasses are a summer essential for many people. They protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep us looking stylish at the same time. But have you ever wondered what makes polarized sunglasses different from other types?

What should I know about this?

Polarized sunglasses use a unique lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, such as the sun reflecting off water or metal. These lenses contain vertical polarizing filters that block out specific wavelengths of light while allowing other wavelengths to pass through. This helps reduce eye strain and allows for clearer vision in bright conditions. Polarized lenses also help improve contrast and color perception by blocking out scattered light, making it harder for you to see colors accurately.

In addition to polarized lenses being more comfortable on your eyes, polarized sunglasses also feature 100% UV protection, making them an ideal choice for sunny days spent outdoors. This can help protect your eyes from long-term damage caused by UV exposure.

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