Healthy Food

What Are Gut Friendly Foods?

Did you know that gut-friendly food is good for your gut? They can be anything from delicious to healthy. The gut is where your body extracts nutrients and energy, so it’s important to remember what goes in must come out. You may not think about what you eat or drink, but gut friendly food choices have a significant impact in the quality of life for your gut:

– A gut-friendly diet includes drinking plenty of water

– Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

– And limiting unhealthy fats, sugars, and processed foods

Although there are many healthy choices, not all gut friendly foods will be great for you. In addition to the five listed above, here are a few more gut-friendly options: beans and legumes, including lentils and hummus, or peanut butter on whole-grain bread.

In conclusion, gut-friendly food choices can have an impact on how your gut feels. And that’s what you should be thinking about when picking between those two snacks at the vending machine.