Bed Improvement

Weighted Blanket Sleep Apnea Solution

Sleep disorders are more common than most might think. Millions of adults suffer from one form or another. For example, sleep apnea symptoms include shallow breaths, choking sounds, loud snoring, sweating, and dry mouth. It is common among obese individuals, drinkers, and smokers.

Weighted blankets can help by increasing the production of oxytocin, lowering cortisol levels, and calming the nerves. Users can get the same benefits of having a hug with the release of natural hormones that bring positive effects. These blankets are somehow able to reduce stress and make the user less tense.

Heart rate can drop down such that the body can relax. It is easier to breathe in and out, allowing a rush of oxygen all over the body including the brain. Weighted blanket sleep apnea therapy should result in less interruptions and better sleep quality. With more rest comes brighter moods and higher productivity.