Verbatim Court Reporting: What It Is And Why You Need It

Having an accurate and complete transcript of all proceedings is essential if you have been involved in a legal case. This is where verbatim court reporting comes in. Verbatim reporters provide a word-for-word record of all courtroom proceedings, which can be used as evidence in legal cases.

What should I know about this?

Verbatim reporting is not the same as summarizing or paraphrasing. It captures every uttered word, including filler words and phrases, pauses, false starts, and verbal errors. This level of accuracy is crucial for legal proceedings.

These reporters use specialized equipment, such as stenotype machines or voice writing technology, to capture every spoken word in real-time. They also must have a strong command of English grammar and punctuation to create an accurate transcript.

Having a verbatim reporter present at legal proceedings ensures that all parties involved have access to a reliable record of what was said. This can be critical in settling disputes and making essential decisions in court cases.

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