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Understanding Echocardiography: What You Need To Know

A type of cardiac imaging called echocardiography is used to identify a wide range of disorders. It utilizes sound waves and is sometimes referred to as a “echo.” It was one of the first types of contemporary medical imaging and has been used for many years.

We shall cover three aspects of echocardiography in this article:

– Echocardiographers produce images using echo waves to diagnose diseases.

– It can display the efficiency with which your heart muscle contracts and relaxes;

– There are various echo types (stress echo, coronary artery calcification)

A medical imaging procedure called echocardiography employs sound waves to provide pictures of the heart’s internal components. It entails applying a tiny probe to the chest to produce images of the heart and blood vessels nearby. There are numerous varieties, including Doppler Echos, three-dimensional (3D), and two-dimensional (2D). .