Underdog Best Ball Rankings: Sleepers To Target In Your Draft

In any sport, there are always a few players who are considered underdogs. These players are often drafted later or even left undrafted altogether. However, they can provide great value for your team if you know how to use them correctly. So, whether you’re looking for a sleeper pick or want to learn more about underdogs, read on!

What should I know abut underdog best ball rankings?
In best ball leagues, it’s essential to have a mix of both top players and underdogs on your roster. Leading players are reliable and consistent in their performance, but they also tend to have higher average draft positions (ADP). Underdogs, on the other hand, may not always perform as consistently but can occasionally have breakout games that give your team a much-needed boost.

So who are some potential underdog picks for best-ball leagues? One player to consider is New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. He was a solid contributor during his first two seasons in the league and showed promise before injuries impacted his 2019 season. Now with a new head coach and quarterback in place, Shepard could see an increase in targets and potentially emerge as a top option for the Giant’s offense.

Another underdog picks to watch is Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette. Despite some off-field issues and inconsistent performance, he still finished as the 12th-highest-scoring running back in standard leagues last season. With a new coaching staff and an improved offensive line, Fournette could surprise you and be a valuable asset for your best ball team.

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