Torqeedo Electric Outboards: The Future

Torqeedo is a company that produces electric outboards for boats. Torqeedo believes in the future of electricity and has created high-quality products to help make it happen. Torqeedo electric outboards are dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly. Torqeedo offers many different types of motors that can be used in marine applications: from recreational use to commercial fishing to military patrol.

What should I know about this?

Torqeedo was founded by Torsten Schreiber, who had an idea about improving fuel consumption on boats with his product, the Torqeedo Boat Drive (a mercury engine). The Boat Drive reduces fuel consumption up to 50% when compared with traditional boat drives! Torqeedo is now the leader in this technology, and Torqeedo electric outboards are one of their most popular products. Torqeedo outboard motors were installed on over 20% of boats in 2014! They hold a substantial market share for clean, quiet, efficient running engines that help preserve our waterways. Torqeedo’s mission statement says it all:
“To supply mobility power to people who want to act responsibly—in terms of themselves, society, and nature—and thus make sustainable life on land possible. We believe responsible consumers should be able to choose an environmentally friendly product without compromise.”
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