Scuba Diving

Thrilling Fiji Diving Sites

Located around 1100 miles from the northeast area of New Zealand, Fiji is made up of a group of around 330 tropical South Pacific islands. Fiji diving scene is most renowned for its vivid soft corals which provide a broad and unmatched color spectrum. It also offers incredible variants of healthy hard corals, typically clear water, spectacular topography and a remarkable collection of reef fish. In addition, Fiji is home to some of the best shark dives in the world, particularly in the Beqa Lagoon region where the Shark Reef Marine Reserve is found.

Underwater sights and conditions greatly vary on the islands. While there are locations that are tranquil and ideal for beginners, others spots are more suitable for more advance divers because they have current, which ranges from being virtually perceptible to being incredibly strong. The existence of current in Fiji is what makes diving on the islands so exhilarating.