Things To Include In A Boutique Hotel Vlog

When creating a Boutique Hotel Vlog, there are several elements to consider when crafting the narrative.

1. Introduce the hotel and its unique features: A great way to begin your vlog is by introducing the property and all it has to offer. Show off its special amenities, like luxurious beds and baths, custom-made furniture, and unique decor. Highlight any special experiences the hotel offers, such as farm-to-table dining and exclusive spa treatments.

2. Show off the rooms: Give viewers a tour of the different room types available at the property, including suites and standard rooms. Describe each one’s distinguishing features, such as luxurious linens or designer furnishings and decorations. Showcase the unique views or special amenities in each room, such as fireplaces or Jacuzzis.

3. Give a guided tour of the hotel: Take viewers through the lobby, restaurant, spa, pool, and other areas of the property — all while providing commentary about what makes this particular hotel so special. Showcase any unique or interesting features of the property, such as a library filled with rare books or an outdoor garden.

4. Highlight the surrounding area: Let viewers know what there is to do in the surrounding area. Show them restaurants and attractions nearby that they could visit during their stay. Provide information about transportation methods, such as buses, trains, and Uber.

5. Include a commentary section: This is your chance to add some insight into why this particular hotel stands out from the crowd. Talk about the unique design elements or special amenities that make it unique. Share stories about great experiences you’ve had at the property or what make it different from other hotels.