The Ultimate Guide To Physiotherapy Double Bay

Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist treatment that helps people with injuries and disabilities. People go to physiotherapy for pain relief, improved mobility, and to prevent future injuries. The physiotherapist will assess the problem area (e.g., neck or back) and provide treatment using various methods including exercise programs, massage therapy, electrotherapy treatments (e.g., ultrasound), heat therapy (e.g., hot packs), cold therapy (ice packs), traction exercises, or a combination of these treatments

The physiotherapist may also recommend specific stretches or exercises you can do at home between appointments to help improve your mobility and reduce your pain

A physiotherapist will assess the problem area (e.g., neck or back) to determine the type of physiotherapy that will provide relief, improve mobility, and prevent future injury

Physiotherapy double bay is a physiotherapist clinic that offers treatments for various injuries and ailments. It has three physiotherapists, who are all qualified to treat injuries in different areas of the body.