The Ultimate Guide To Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are one of the essential pieces of equipment in an operating room. It allows medical professionals to contact each other by pushing a button on their pagers. They can also be used for general communication between staff members not in the same area. It comes with many benefits, but they do have some drawbacks as well. This article will explore both sides and help you decide if the nurse call system is suitable for your hospital or clinic!

1) How would it work?

They are usually attached to the wall of an operating room. It consists of a microphone, speaker, and button, used for communication between staff members throughout the building.

2) Who can use it?

They are generally left open so that anyone in need of help will be able to push their pager or communicate with someone else through the system. This allows medical practitioners who aren’t on-site (such as nurses who arrive late) to easily communicate with one another when they get to your location! It helps save time if you have numerous people showing up ahead of others because everyone has access without waiting for someone else.
Every health institution should have this helpful system.