The Ultimate Guide To Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a game that many people enjoy playing in their free time. Frisbees are light and easy to carry, so it’s the perfect game for adults and children alike. Frisbee golf is played by throwing Frisbees at 18 holes of varying lengths on an outdoor course with trees, water hazards, sand traps, or other obstacles. It can be played solo or with others!

Frisbee Golf is a game that can be played nearly anywhere, and it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy! It is similar to traditional golf in regards to being played on a course with trees, hills, sand traps, water hazards. Frisbee golfers are known for their creativity when it comes to navigating around these obstacles. Frisbees are thrown towards metal baskets that act as “holes” where you try to land your Frisbee inside. The objective of Frisbee Golf is not only fun but also challenging for competitors who want to achieve low scores by completing holes in the fewest number of throws.