The Tempus Irrigation Controller

Take water automation to the next level with Tempus Irrigation Controller. Ideal for managing irrigation without electricity, this battery-operated controller is enabled with Bluetooth so you can access full watering control from your smartphone or tablet.


Are you faced with hardscaping that makes running wiring difficult, or do you simply want the assurance that your system is fully waterproofed? Tempus DC-LCD is an ideal solution for all irrigation needs. Featuring a large practical LCD screen and intuitive app, programming your system has never been simpler!

RainSensor Ready

The Tempus DC-L is RainSensor-ready, which detects rain and alerts you when to skip an irrigation cycle, reducing utility costs. Combining this feature with your regular watering schedule ensures your garden gets all of the water it needs for healthy growth and beautiful results.

Its large LCD display and multilingual interface make programming quick and effortless. Choose from English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian to customize settings according to your requirements.