The Role Of An Enterprise Agility Coach

An enterprise agility coach is a person who helps companies build enterprise agility. This means that they support the company moves quicker, stay competitive and respond to change more effectively.

1)What is the role of this coach?

Different enterprise coaches have different roles. For example, some coaches are internal agile coaching, whereas others work for a company as an external enterprise coach.

2) What sort of experience must this person have?

This is not the same role as being a technical or functional coach. They’ll be working with senior management and leaders to support change initiatives that will impact the business across all departments, from finance to marketing and HR. So ideally, you’d want someone who has previous knowledge of leading organizational change within a leadership position, so it doesn’t need to be learned on the job. They should also come from a strong background either in business transformation or know-how organizations operate under pressure.

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