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The Pros And Cons Of Unfiltered Honey: What You Need To Know

Honey has been known to treat sore throats for centuries. But unfiltered honey is controversial. Some say it’s the only way to get all health benefits, while others claim that it can cause botulism and other illnesses. This article will explore both sides of the debate before providing an unbiased conclusion about unfiltered honey.

1) Honey has been used for centuries to relieve throat pain caused by infections like strep throat or tonsillitis

2) Some people believe that unfiltered honey is more nutritious because it contains pollen which may improve immunity

3) Others believe that unfiltered honey can be dangerous due to its risk of causing botulism or lead poisoning


Unfiltered honey is a nutritious treat that has been used for centuries. It may help with immunity, but it also carries some risks, so you should only consume in moderation.