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The Moto Transport System – Have More Freedom On The Road

The moto transport system is a lightweight and easy to assemble moto transport that allows you to carry more cargo. The transport system can be assembled in minutes and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It’s made from steel, so it’s durable and resistant to rusting, which means the moto system will last for years!
The moto transport comes with a standard moto strap, but it also has slots for quick straps. It’s simple to attach and detach the moto system from your motorcycle, which makes transporting anything easy!

1) How much does it cost?
This product costs $119.99.

2) Is it easy to install?
Yes, it’s easy to assemble and install.

3) Is the moto transport compatible with all motorcycles?

This transport is compatible with most standard-sized motorcycles as long as they have a rear fender rail. The moto strap will attach around your bike’s seat post or footpegs to keep everything in place!
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