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The Misconceptions about Strippers

Whether you know how to find a stripper or you don’t, you have some preconceived beliefs about them. The media constantly bombards us with negative ideas about strippers.

Strippers’ lives have been depicted in negative light, from television to cinema. Some people imagine it as a glamorous existence filled with nightclubs, drinks, and dancing. Some regard it as a filthy profession and strippers as misfits.

So many people believe strippers are stupid and uneducated. Breaking news: many strippers are college students working to fund their school. Some strippers are also university graduates. For various reasons, these men and women have chosen this line of work. It is wrong to presume that they are stupid.

This misconception is mainly due to the movies and television. People tend to think that all strippers use drugs. While some strippers use illegal narcotics on the job, most are not drug addicts. They make a living by dancing and entertaining others.

If you know how to find a stripper, do your due diligence when you find one.

Bucks party Games you can try today

Are you ready for a buck’s night with all the lads? Celebrate this wonderful occasion with a party fit for your raucous university student days.  There are so many bucks party ideas in Sydney, including the games.


This is one wild game that will enthrall everyone. Some will scream “Attack!” at random. All men must dive to the floor when this signal is given. The guy who finishes last will have to drink something. He will then be the next person to yell “Attack!” during the celebration.

Dance Competition

The dancing competition follows. If the males have had one too many drinks, this will be more fun. Allow the boys to go loose and take over the dance floor. You could have some of the females in the room vote on who the best dancer is. The buck who commands the dance floor will be rewarded handsomely.

Include a dancing competition in your bucks party ideas Sydney today. Learn more about here.