Scuba Diving

The Many Adventures Of Cebu Diving

If you enjoy diving, then you will love visiting the island of Cebu in the Philippines in the Central Visayas Region. With more than 167 surrounding islands, a visit to Cebu will yield endless scuba diving adventures. What wonders will you see in the waters around Cebu?

First, the trip will be comfortable with temperatures between 77 degrees to 89 degrees Fahrenheit year-round and waters a beautiful clear blue teeming with exotic fish. Divers can swim with the native whale sharks, barracudas, starfish, sea turtles and thrasher sharks.

The neighboring islands like Mactan offers exciting shore dives, while its Marigondon Cave presents an exploratory adventure for others. And Bantayan presents beautiful coral gardens to explore. If you are an experienced diver, you will find the stronger currents of Olango a nice challenge.

Cebu diving is loaded with challenges, adventures, and exotic sites to feist your eyes upon whether you are centrally located or decide to explore all the islands in the whole area.