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 The makeover Challenge for the buck

There are various activities meant to spice up buck parties. Among them are different challenges that the groom can undertake. Of course, it will be a minus if the atmosphere does not encourage the guest presence at the event.

The Makeover

Imagine the buck involved in a game of makeover. How will that make everybody feel? The game is very fair, and everybody can see it. It will include the buck wearing clown shoes and fake moustaches, and everything in between.

To even make it more exciting,  have a crop of gorgeously-looking ladies to grace the occasion. These ladies will make him up and make him look pleasing to the eye. With the ladies all said and done, the buck will be presented for all to see. Imagine the look on everybody’s faces.

The makeover challenge is one of several that will spice up the day; embrace it. Click here.