Skin Care

The Best Natural Treatment For Pimples

For people with acne, there are many natural treatment for pimples available. Some of these treatments include topical creams, topical lotions, scrubs, gels, and masks. The choice of which natural treatment to try is a personal preference. However, some general tips for choosing a natural acne treatment include choosing one that is light and oil-free, has a low comedogenicity rating, and is safe for daily use.

1) Apply a natural mask like honey or clay to the pimple overnight. This will help to soften and remove the excess oil and bacteria that are causing the pimple.

2) Eat foods that are high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These foods help fight off infection and promote healthy skin cells.

3) Take a hot bath or shower with soap and water. The hot water will help dry out the pimple faster and lessen the chance of it becoming infected.