The Best Glasses For Enjoying Scotch

If you’re a Scotch lover, you know that having the right glass is essential. Some people might think that any old glass will do, but that’s not true. The best glass for Scotch can showcase the drink’s flavor and aroma to its fullest potential.

What should I know about this?

Some experts recommend using a tulip-shaped glass, such as the Glencairn glass. The narrow opening helps concentrate the aromas, while the rounded bottom allows swirling to release even more fragrance.
Another option is the traditional Scottish quaich, which has a wide brim and low sides. This design allows easy sipping and encourages mixing with water or ice if desired.
No matter what type of glass you choose, be sure to fill it no more than halfway to leave room for those vital aromas.
Take your time to enjoy the complexities of your Scotch — after all, that’s part of the experience! Cheers!

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