The Benefits Of Team Building Improv

Many companies turn to the classic trust fall when it comes to team building. While this can be effective, it’s not the only way to build team unity. In fact, team building improv can be an even more effective way to bring team members together and help them get to know each other better. Here are three reasons why team building improv is a great choice for your next corporate event:

1. Improv builds trust and communication skills.

2. It’s fun and entertaining, which helps break the ice among team members.

3. It teaches people how to think on their feet and react quickly in high-stress situations.

Improv also has the added benefit of being relatively low-cost and easy to set up. All you need is a group of willing participants and a few basic improv games. So if you’re looking for a team building activity that will really get your team working together, try team building improv.