Spa Headbands: What You Should Know!

Are spa headbands really worth the hype? This article explores spa headbands and what they can do for your spa!

Headband benefits

These accessories can make a spa treatment even more effective. They provide benefits like relieving headaches, soothing tired eyes, and alleviating sinus pain and pressure. They are also great for protecting your hair during spa treatments, whether they’re at home or in the salon. This is especially helpful if you have long hair that can get caught up in equipment or cause irritation to your scalp during other spa treatments.

Types of spa headbands

There are a variety of spa headbands on the market. Your spa might have its specific ones, or you can purchase your own to use at home with any spa treatment. Some headband types include aromatherapy, velcro, hair loss prevention, and Spa Cone/Ice Cap.

Headband care instructions.

To care for spa headbands, hand wash with warm water and mild soap after every use. Rinse out the spa cap, then squeeze it dry before hanging or laying flat to air dry.

The spa headband is an essential accessory for many spa treatments such as aromatherapy masks and wraps. Heat may need to be applied directly onto the hair and scalp at high temperatures for extended periods without much movement or shifting.