Roasted Garlic Seasoning Adds Zest To Meals

You are in for a treat when you add roasted garlic seasoning to pasta, stews, soups or salads. Consisting of a special spice combination, including peppers, onions and garlic, your family will love the new flavors introduced to spaghetti or black bean soup. Furthermore, roasted garlic has a unique taste apart from raw garlic powder. If you have ever roasted whole garlic bulbs in the oven, you already recognize the delightful aroma and flavor created by the garlic’s rich buttery substance.

Cooking at home means experimenting with various foods and flavors to create flavorful meals. Oozing spice onto your Italian bread or pasta dish, roasted garlic offers a flavor difficult to define and hard to resist. Make routine dinners more festive and enjoyable when you serve your family rigatoni with a delicious marinara sauce containing the flavor of roasted garlic.