Public Affairs Consulting Firms: What You Need To Know

Public affairs consulting firms are a growing industry that’s worth learning more about. This article discusses public affairs consulting firms and their history, the types of public affairs consultants out there, and public relations campaigns public affairs specialists may work on.

1) What do these firms do?

These consultants help companies and organizations with their public image. In contrast, public policy specialists influence the government’s decisions on different issues that affect a company or organization (such as regulations).

2) What are its benefits?

These firms can help public relations and public policy specialists shape public opinion, lobby the government to make decisions that will benefit their clients, and build relationships.

3) What are some things I need to consider?

Before hiring a public affairs consultant, you’ll want to do your research on what they specialize in (public relations or public policy), how long they’ve been around, ask for client referrals from previous customers, find out about its team members specialties/expertise & qualifications.
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