Scuba Diving

Phuket Diving Fun And Thrills

Many travelers consider that a Phuket vacation is not the same without a day or two of Phuket diving, as it provides a truly unique experience. While there are many places in Thailand where you can do a bit of diving, Phuket offers an abundance of exciting and scenic spots for scuba divings. If you plan to take a few days off from exploring the other sights of Phuket, you can easily spend an afternoon or two at one of the many dive sites in Phuket by renting a snorkel and scuba diving equipment for a few hours.

Phuket’s best-known diving spots are located in the bay near Patong, which is where you’ll find the Patong Beach Pier, which boasts some fantastic coral formations that make for great dives. The Lavan Bay is also located on Phuket Island in a shallow lagoon that is perfect for snorkeling. It is also the preferred spot for many Phuket divers to go diving during a night dive session.

The best time to do Phuket diving is during the summer and if you want to enjoy a good dive, make sure you plan and book your dive vacation well in advance of your Phuket diving excursion.