Herbal Medicine

Overview For Herbal Antibiotics

By choosing the right Herbal Antibiotics, you can effectively treat a wide array of health problems. Herbal antibiotics are not only cheaper, easier, and safer to use than prescription medications–they are often more effective, as well. A noted herbal doctor presents herbs that can be utilized effectively in the treatment of a broad range of ailments – including ear infections, pneumonia, sinusitis, and meningitis – and valuable tips on creating and taking herbal infusions, teas, suppositories, and salves made from aloe, garlic, dandelion, sassafras, motherwort, primrose, and several other natural sources.

These Herbal Antibiotics contain plant ingredients known to be potent against many common forms of antibiotic-resistant organisms. They work by interfering with the genetic coding of the bacteria that cause the disease, preventing them from producing new strains that may be more difficult to treat. A significant emphasis is given to emphasizing the use of herbal medicines in conjunction with conventional treatment.