Kalgoorlie Exploration Drilling: An Overview

Exploration drilling Kalgoorlie is a crucial exploration process that helps to determine the potential for mineral exploration. It can be done at any phase of exploration and provides information about the geology of an area. Exploration drilling is also helpful in identifying new exploration targets. In this blog post, we will explore some critical points about exploration drilling in Kalgoorlie.

Why Kalgoorlie?

Kalgoorlie has been identified as one of the most crucial gold mining regions in Australia. It’s also home to some significant mineral deposits, and exploration will help establish whether or not these deposits are worth extracting.

What Does Exploration Drilling Involve?

There are two exploration drilling methods used to explore mineral deposits: surface exploration and core exploration.

How Do They Work?

When exploring with a drill, the hole drilled by the drill bit provides information about what geology is below the surface.

Surface exploration is more economical and can be conducted at a greater depth, but core exploration provides better resolution of geological features directly below the drill hole.