Adult Stuff

It Changes Everything

Everything changes when a man’s penis is encased in a chastity device. He no longer can freely orgasm or even touches his penis. Those decisions are made by the person who holds the key. Sexual desire does not go away. It gets more intense. The requirement gets increasingly pressing.

A chaste man can quickly become desirous of sexual release. That’s why chastity cage, when used to harness male sexual energy for good, becomes a tool a woman may use to change her partner’s conduct.

Allow that to soak in for a few moments. You’ve put your partner’s penis in a cage, and you’re the only one who knows how to open it. You are the only one who can unlock him. He’s in dire need of a sexual release. Who do you believe becomes his sole attention—the most important person in his life? That’s correct—You . Only you can provide him with what he so deeply desires.