How To Write Speech Openings That Are Hilarious And Make The Audience Laugh

Do you want to know how to make a strong opening for your speech? Funny introductions are an excellent technique to get the audience laughing and interested right away. Here are three pointers for crafting humorous introductions that will make your audience laugh:

Be current.

Even better if you can incorporate a recent news item or incident into your beginning. This will demonstrate your knowledge of current events and distinguish you from other uninteresting old speakers who are reading from a script.

Be specific.

Tell a story that relates to your topic or share a personal anecdote. This will make you appear more human to the audience and less like a talking head.

Be unique.

Avoid using rehashed content or tired jokes. It’s possible that your audience has heard it all before, so try to think of something original and novel that will make them laugh out loud.

You may compose an opening that will make the audience laugh and leave them wanting more by using the advice in this paragraph. So why are you still waiting? Write now! funny openings for speeches