How to Make Your Bucks Party Ideas Melbourne Awesome

You’re in charge of planning the bucks party for your mate’s last hoorah before he gets hitched. No pressure, right? Wrong. The buck’s party is a huge deal and there is a lot riding on you making it an epic night that he and his mates will never forget. Use this guide to make sure your bucks party ideas Melbourne don’t suck.

Don’t Rely on Bars or Clubs

While bars and clubs can be a great addition to any bucks party, they should not be the only thing on your itinerary. There are other options for activities that will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, it’s always nice to have a backup plan in case the club is too crowded, or the bar runs out of booze. A few fun ideas include:

-Renting a boat and cruising around the harbor

-Hiring a private chef to cook up a feast

-Organizing a pub crawl with stops at different historic pubs in the city

-Booking a spot at an escape room

-Arranging tickets to a live show or sporting event

The possibilities are endless so get creative! Just make sure you mix things up so the night isn’t all about drinking. Know more info here.