How To Collect Feedback On Your Website

Having a website is necessary in today’s competitive landscape but ensuring it meets users’ needs is just as important. The best way to know this is by collecting user feedback to find out exactly what people like and dislike about your website. Following are some techniques you can use to get website feedback:

• Ask users to complete a brief survey about their experience on your site. This can be a static option that they can choose or be embedded in a pop-up dialog box that prompts them to participate.

• Use a feedback button or other option on your site so that your users can easily find how to give you feedback when they want to.

• Sometimes users can’t be bothered to spend the time offering feedback; offering an incentive (such as exclusive content) can be a way to encourage them.

Using live chat can be another way to find out what your customers really think; if they’re already chatting ask them about their experience on your site as well.