How To Build My Own App Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide

I’m sure you’ve seen how successful some of the world’s most popular apps are. You may be thinking, how can I build my mobile app? Well, it’s not as difficult as one might think. While there are many platforms to choose from, including Apple and Google Play Store, this article will walk through how to build it using the latter platform.

How to build my own mobile app?
To build an app for the Google Play Store, you’ll first need a developer account. Once your account is created and approved by Google, it’s time to start building your app using their Android Developer Console.

Can I do it without knowing how to program?
Absolutely! While it may be beneficial to have coding knowledge, many providers allow you to build it without any programming.

How soon can I have my app?
It’s best to plan, but it depends on how complex you want your app. The average build time is around two weeks before you can publish an app on the Google Play Store.

Today we have all kinds of tools for people with or without technical knowledge; we have to start this adventure.