Parking System

How Does An Automated Parking Garage Work?

Do you want to achieve maximum parking efficiency? You are planning to install an intelligent parking management system. You need 24/7 video monitoring of the whole parking area. Your building is located in a prime location so you want to maximize the space and use it as efficiently as possible. All these goals can be achieved by installing an automated parking garage. This type of garage can handle parking of dozens of cars. You can go vertical or horizontal to park a large number of cars. It lets you maximize your limited space and monetize it better.

The automatic parking device only requires the drivers to park their car on a platform. They come out of their car and stand away from the platform. Next, they use an app or a computer system installed at the spot to send their car for parking. Rest of the process of taking the car to its designated parking space and placing it there is handled by the automatic machine. When the car is needed, an instruction is given and the automatic system repeats the same process in reverse to bring back the car. It is a safe and efficient parking system now used in most large residential and commercial buildings.