Helping Disabled Adults Land Jobs: 4 Tips

The unemployment rate is high and disabled adults are facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding jobs. The most challenging thing for them is that they may not be able to interview in person or even apply online, which can make it hard for employers to know whether or not they will be a good fit. But there are things you can do to help disabled adults find jobs! In this article, we share four tips on assisting disabled adults to land jobs with ease.

Assist with the resume

Employers can learn more about an applicant who has difficulty interviewing by reading their resume and cover letter thoroughly and looking at any accompanying documentation such as work samples and letters of recommendation. This is why the resume must be set up in an accessible way to read by the employer and by tools used to apply for jobs.

Provide the same level of support an employer would

Another way to help disabled adults get jobs is by helping them practice for interviews and getting familiar with the workplace. Ask questions such as: What does your ideal work environment look like? How much flexibility do you need in a job? You should also provide information about similar positions at your company, so they know what to expect. Be open and honest about the hiring process, helping them navigate it more easily.

Verify how their disability may affect their performance

Ask if the disability impacts a person’s ability to perform a certain job. This is important to know before helping them with the hiring process. For example, if someone has trouble seeing what needs to be done at work, you should provide additional information about how their job entails completing tasks visually.

Helping disabled adults get jobs can be a difficult process, but it is possible. Remember that you are helping them do something they may not have been able to accomplish on their own. Be patient throughout the hiring process and provide additional information for your disabled applicants as needed.