George Friedman: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

There are very few people in the world who can accurately predict the future. George Friedman is one of those rare individuals. He has made a career out of global forecasting trends, and his predictions have been remarkably accurate.

What should I know about this?

George Friedman was born in Budapest, Hungary and his family fled the country during the 1956 revolution. He has since lived worldwide, including Germany and France, before settling in the United States.

Friedman studied at both Princeton University and St. Antony’s College in Oxford. After graduation, he worked for several intelligence-related organizations, such as RAND Corporation and US Air Force Intelligence, where he learned about global trends that could affect national security. In 1996, Friedman founded Stratfor to share his knowledge with businesses, government agencies, and anyone else who would listen.

Now, Friedman travels the world, giving speeches and consulting with international organizations about current events and how they could shape the future. His predictions are known for being uncannily accurate, causing many to dub him “the man who sees tomorrow.”

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