George Friedman: The Man Who Predicted The Future

Very few people in this world can say that they predicted the future. George Friedman is one of those rare individuals. He has made a career out of understanding global trends and predicting how they will play out on the world stage. His predictions have been remarkably accurate, and he has become one of the most respected geopolitical analysts in the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at George Friedman’s life and work, and see why his insights are so valuable for anyone who wants to understand the changing geopolitical landscape.

George Friedman was born in Hungary in 1949. His family fled the country after the Hungarian Revolution, and ended up settling in the United States when he was just six years old. Growing up, George became fascinated by geopolitics, and he eventually earned a PhD from Cornell University in political science. After completing his academic studies, Friedman went on to become the founder and chairman of Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence firm.

George Friedman’s career and insights have been invaluable to understanding the changing geopolitical landscape. As the world continues to shift, his work will remain highly relevant for those seeking to understand global affairs. With a background in political science, and years of experience running Stratfor, George Friedman is one of the most respected voices on geopolitics today.