Drum Lifter And Dumper: How These Machines Work

A drum lifter and dumper are machines that lift drums from one level to another. This article will go over three main points of these incredible machines.

Drum Lifters and Drum Dumpers are two different machines

Drum Lifters and Drum Lifter are two different machines that can lift drums from one level to another. Drum lifters have an electric or hydraulic motor at the top, while drum dumpers use a horizontal mast with a forklift-like attachment at the end. Drum Lifters can also be used to pick up other objects, such as barrels and boxes.

Drum Lifter’s purpose

Drum lifters are primarily used in industrial settings, where there will be many different types of drums being lifted into various positions around the warehouse or facility.

Drum Dumper’s function

It is used to transfer containers from one position to another. Drum dumpers are fundamentally used with containers that will need to be moved from a lower storage point or transported up into an elevated area. This is done through various methods: roll form stairs, forklift attachments, hoists, and self-propelled machines such as conveyor belts with forks.

These two machines play a vital role in industrial settings.