Cowboy Hat Feathers: 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Ones

When it comes to cowboy hats, the feathers make all the difference. They can add a touch of personality and style that takes your look from average to extraordinary. Here are three tips for choosing the right cowboy hat feathers:

Consider your outfit.

When choosing feathers for your cowboy hat, think of them as an accessory and complement to your outfit. Opt for something fun like bright turquoise or red feathers if you wear casual denim. For a dressier ensemble, classic black and white will do the trick.

Check the quality of the feather.

As with all accessories, it’s essential to inspect the quality of the feather before purchasing it. Make sure that there are no broken ends or discoloration on the feather. The more vibrant and full-looking the feather is, the better!

Choose an appropriate size.

When selecting feathers for your cowboy hat, ensure they are sized right—not too big, not too small. You want the feather to be big enough to be seen but not so large that it overwhelms the hat.

There are many ways to style and accessorize your cowboy hat with feathers. Whether you select a single, vibrant feather or multiple feathers in different sizes, shapes, and colours, be sure to choose the right type of feather for the look you’re going for.